A Great Essay

At The Quadrant, Matt Ridley systematically lists and explains the facts about climate change and how science in general has been hijacked by people on a mission.

These scientists and their guardians of the flame repeatedly insist that there are only two ways of thinking about climate change—that it’s real, man-made and dangerous (the right way), or that it’s not happening (the wrong way). But this is a false dichotomy. There is a third possibility: that it’s real, partly man-made and not dangerous.

(Emphasis mine)


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This is really good

Pretty much says it all.

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The Worst Case Scenario for 2015?

Downtown Burnaby, circa 2018

Down-town Burnaby BC, circa 2024

James Howard Kunstler — “Forecast 2015, Life in the Breakdown Lane”.

I must say that I do not see some of Mr Kunstler’s forecasts actually coming to pass in 2015, yet I can’t help but feel he is very accurately describing current conditions — therefore some of his predictions may simply realise later, rather than sooner. It is certainly appropriate to use the term “dark age” to describe our future if we continue on the path we are on. An interesting read at the very least. While this is an American centred thesis, it is not difficult to connect the dots as relates to Canada’s prospects for 2015 and beyond. The Elephant and the Mouse sharing the same bed, as they say.


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The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same

“The best way to avoid a trap is to know of it’s existence.”


H/T  Zero Hedge

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Knowledge Will Set You Free

The following is an excellent film that should be seen by everyone. Some of you will want to tune it out for various partisan reasons, but for the sake of your own well-being I strongly suggest you watch it in it’s entirety. It will equip you with an invaluable understanding of things that have been and prepare you for what is to come.

Grab a beverage and some popcorn, slip off your slippers and enjoy the show!


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Music for Meditating



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Cook’s Fake Ethics Approval


The following pretty much sums up why I am a climate heretic. For some it may seem like just so much “inside baseball” which makes me very sad. If only folks would open their eyes to the lies and mendacity. It permeates everything these days.

Originally posted on Climate Audit:

rater_pie_thumbnail For over a year, John Cook and the University of Queensland have repeatedly refused Richard Tol’s requests for information on rater ID and timestamps for the SKS ratings for Cook et al 2013. Recently there have been two events that shed new light on the dispute. First, in mid-May Brandon Shollenberger located the requested information online without password protection, which he placed online a few days ago. The new information shows that the majority of ratings were done by coauthors and nearly all ratings were done by coauthors and named acknowledgees, rather than by anonymous volunteers. Second, Simon Turnill received an FOI response from the University, that showed that the University did not make ANY confidentiality agreements with SKS raters. More surprisingly, Cook had done the SKS ratings program without submitting an ethics application for this program or obtaining ethics approval. Previously, both Cook and the University of Queensland had…

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