I know this is old

But it’s formative for me…

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A Short Time Later

It goes on

Then this

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Ok Doors, Swing…


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It Lives!

Hold for a second…

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This is really good

Pretty much says it all.

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Dreaming About Dreamliners

Have a peek at this:

Believe it or not, I already know how to fly this beauty, thanks to FlightGear. Imagine being able to go for a spin in this plane and getting paid for it! What a beautiful aircraft.

Update: Just for fun, have a look at this:

I have had the pleasure of flying a 737 many years ago. It really is that easy. As long as everything is working properly that is. That is why you still need a good pilot in the seat. When you have that many whirling bits and gadgets things do have a nasty tendency of going sideways every once in a while. And just so you know, those whirling cylinders are the elevator (horizontal stabiliser) trim wheels being activated by the autopilot.

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The Times They Are a Changin’

This blog is undergoing a major refit and will be unavailable for a few weeks to months.  Have a nice day!


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