An Open Letter to CNN’s Carol Costello on ‘Why are we still debating climate change?’

The truth about the 97% consensus that “the science is settled”.
It isn’t. It is also abundantly clear that Carol Costello is breathtakingly ignorant for saying that there is no longer a reason for debate. The other truth is that there never has been a debate, just pious assertions followed by smears and insults. Read on…

Watts Up With That?

Carol Costello Carol Costello

The answer to your question is in your article.

Guest opinion by David Hoffer

Carol, in your recent CNN opinion piece, the headline was Why are we still debating climate change?”. The very first statement in the article that followed was “There is no debate”.

The answer to your question is actually right in your own article. I’ll get to that in a bit, please bear with me. I wanted to touch on your claim that there is no debate first. I’d like you to consider the following statement, which I provide with no intent of malice whatsoever, only as a means of making a point.

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